Community guidelines – Ovre

Community guidelines

We are aiming to maintain a platform that is pleasant to use for artists and collectors alike. To ensure this, the following set of rules should be followed. We are striving to keep a balance between freedom of expression and making every member feel welcome in our community, and if you find that something in these guidelines can be improved, feel free to contact us

For creators

We take the authenticity of NFTs minted on Ovre very seriously, which means:

  • You cannot mint an artwork or a photograph created by someone else — the piece can only be created by the minter itself, or, in some cases, by an artist who is exclusively represented by the minter.
  • You cannot mint the same piece as an NFT multiple times — not on Ovre and or on any other NFT marketplace.

These rules are enforced by our verification system: every artist is reviewed individually via their social media. If we find that these rules have been violated, this may result in a permanent minting ban.

This said, the creator keeps all the legal rights to their original artwork after minting and selling an NFT. You can still exhibit and reproduce the artwork, but its NFT form should remain exclusive to Ovre.

For Collectors

As a result of winning an auction on Ovre, a collector receives a unique NFT from an artist. When you purchase an NFT on Ovre:

  • You are the owner of the NFT that represents the original piece on the blockchain
  • You can trade or resell this NFT
  • You can exhibit the piece on any platform or in any virtual space.

However, the owner cannot claim any legal rights (copyright, trademark, etc.) to the artwork, which means that the artwork cannot be changed, used in a commercial context or minted as an additional NFT